Casa Antonete Blanco Macabeo 2012

  • Вид вина: White
  • Классификация: Young
  • Сорт винограда: Macabeo
  • Крепость: 11,5º
  • Регион: DO LA MANCHA
  • Дегустация:
    Light yellow wine of fine fruity aromas, fresh and with a balanced palate.
  • Гастрономия:
    Ideal for fish, seafood, salads, appetizers, etc. Best served at 4 ° to 6 ° C.
  • Происхождение:
    White wine from a selection of grapes collected at its best of ripeness. After a slight cold maceration we obtain the flower must by gravity, to ferment in stainless steel tanks under very strict control of temperature.