Négora Syrah 2010

  • 葡萄酒种类 Red Wine
  • 分类: Traditional Wine
  • 葡萄品种: Syrah
  • 酒精浓度: 14º
  • 地区: DO LA MANCHA
  • 品酒:
    Our Syrah have a beautiful raspberry-ruby tone, sleek and shiny, when young. Its aromas are reminiscent of almonds, black fruit and vanilla. In the mouth the feel is clean, compact and very personal.
  • 美食:
    This traditional Syrah wine, besides going well with meat, are also suitable to be served with fish and cheese. Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C.
  • 原产地:
    Red Wine made from 100% Syrah grapes harvested in wine-ripeness. It was fermented in horizontal macerators at 25 ° C and once the malolactic fermentation was done, it has been 3 months in new oak barrels resting in the bottle inside of our quiet cellars.