Cunión BIB 15 L

  • 葡萄酒种类 Red
  • 分类: Young
  • 葡萄品种: Cabernet Sauvignon y Syrah
  • 酒精浓度: 13º
  • 地区: DO LA MANCHA
  • 品酒:
    Cherry red color, aromas of mature fruits, compote and spices that remind of varieties that comprise it. In the mouth is complex and well structured.
  • 美食:
    Ideal marriage with grilled and stewed meats, all types of cheese and Iberian sausages. Recommended to be served between 14 and 16 º C.
  • 原产地:
    Coupage of two noble varieties such, cabernet sauvignon and syrah, made under controlled temperatures and a long maceration process.